I feel so much joy. I was able to release so much of what (I did not even realize) was holding me back. It is like the release has accelerated my awareness and expansion. My dreams are more vivid than usual and I was able to receive even more than I usually do from them. It is like everything in life is brighter and clearer —both the darkness and the light. My awareness has been expanding slowly for years now, but yesterday marked a leap forward. I am most grateful to you.’

Melanie /M.B

Production Artist


Anne is one of the most heartfelt and hard-working individuals that I have the pleasure of knowing as a friend and colleague. She is extremely genuine and intuitive. Not in an abstract and ethereal way, but with well grounded common sense and sensibility, armed with knowledge and healthy lifestyle choices that can be applied to her patients’ lives (and her own) in order for them to heal from years of abuse and life trauma. This healing frequency frequently means confronting harsh and brutal past and present realities –directly and without flinching– and being able to process and acknowledge these events, and so allowing healing to initiate and take place in her patients’ hearts and lives. Anne is a great source of nutritional knowledge, and best practices for sound body/mind & health dynamics, and for avoiding disease which we are all bombarded by in a society which is basically owned and organized by conglomerates such as Monsanto if you allow them to control your children’s eating habits. Anne’s direction is the polar opposite of the sedentary, couch-surfing, junk-food slurping monoculture that is so prevalent these days. You are much more likely to catch her at a fantastic healing Yoga or Reiki practice, or beside the cleansing oceans practicing deep pranayama / breath control, or witnessing an extraordinary sunset, where her guidance if you are lucky to take part will help create lasting beneficial re-adjustments and leading to actual healing positive change from the inside and out into your life. I can say this from long term first-hand knowledge, friendship and experience. 05.14.15

Matty Hodges

Producer, matadormultimedia.net

I no longer carry the burden of negative, no longer feel the need to cater to it by attacking it. I just let things go now… my son and wife have noticed a dramatic change in my demeanor for the better. Watching the video of my experience with Anne I can feel the peace from the frequencies again and again.


Manager, post4peace.org

I met Anne at a darker portion of my light. It was at one of my favorite sun gazing spots. She immediately noticed something that needed attention in my light body and selflessly helped me to talk out some issues that I had stuffed away. This sun gazing spot became a regular spot for the both of us. I remember once I was under a self inflicted psychic attack by a darker part of myself. Anne helped me using tuning forks and stretches. She helped me to remove this darkness on two different occasions along with breath work and her magical “Christ conscious” Quantum touch. I highly recommend Anne to anybody who feels lost, hurt, under attack or just needs a friendly therapeutic listening ear. Annes healing is exponential because when she helps you you help others.

Samuel Supovitz

Health & Wellness Life Coach, Quantum Capital

BIO: Mary Anne Butters is a licensed yoga instructor, an attuned Usui Reiki practitioner, a Certified Pranic healer, a licensed massage therapist (#MA79288) a blogger and a commercial real estate agent (from which she retired in 2009 after 28 years).

Additionally, Anne is a natural born Psychic utilizing the Dolores Cannon method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Touch (QHHT) & past life regression, transition and clairvoyance.

Anne specializes in aiding others in their ascension and awakening process.

Anne is a single mom to Riley Shea Butters (16) who is the love of her lifetime(s).

Reiki healing (rh) is a simple ethical harmonious Japanese treatment technique for harmonizing and promoting stress reduction. It is not a religion. Rei = God’s wisdom and ki = life force energy, therefore Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy. A ‘Laying of hands’ form of healing.

Pranic healing (ph) is an energy medicine healing system based on GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui’s scientific methodology of using prana/chi to heal ailments by aura scanning and manipulating a persons energy field following specific protocol. A no touch no gadget form of healing.

Mary Anne Butters along with her blog: breadannebutters.com can be found on Facebook and Instagram: annezhappy

When she isn’t focused on others she can be found sun-gazing, a form of heliotherapy while earthing, harmonically aligning thru sound and scent, meditating, practicing or teaching yoga, reading for the sake of expanding knowledge and writing which is her passion.

sunny perspectives

Sunrise-Sunset Gratitude