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worker bees
Choosing a positive attitude within challenging circumstances that are ‘the lessons’ so to speak, is a golden key to ones essence. No-one has ever said, ‘man that was an awesome Tsunami!, lets pre-book for a repeat in the spring, when my hair is far less frizzy!’ Some things are just simply not enjoyable. Feel. hmmm… i vaguely remember this concept. Is that when we remove ego judgement from ourselves and others, stand, sit crouch.. whatever we gotta do to find the little gap, the space, the magic message in the invisible genie bottle with a note reading… find the reason you were granted this experience, be Grateful for it, Learn and Move On. Choose an attitude that continues to align with your soul and your soul’s purpose… we stay clean & clear like the glass door that we have all walked (or ran!) into. Ouch! – a lesson learned. Lessons help teach, correct, mold. Ego steps in and lessons become grandstanding criticism dipped not in honey but in liquid self-persecuting nonsense.
Remove ego, because what is left standing is the possibility of unknown happiness.
Ultimately the phantom-perceived fear of  rejection can kick anyones’ but. Get back up, keep your head out of the beehive and move forward. The direction, the path, motive, and ease are all as readily available as are each of their counterpart opposites. Be grateful that this lesson taught you that your gift and the present literally is NOW.
…and stay out of the Beehive!  "</p

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January 25, 2015

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