Auriculotherapy is the art of healing the nervous system through the ear, without the use of needles.  We discussed it in class for all of about a nano second.  But having a deep passion to heal not just myself but for the healing of all living beings, reflexology points on hands and feet that had been a life long passion became instantaneously replaced with that of the musculoskeletal, internal organ and master points all located in each ear. It is a systemic mapping of the body and the ear is the keyboard access allowing a direct connection and access to the brain’s computer circuits [please see diagrams  >> ]. Auriculotherapy is based on the human nervous system whereas acupuncture is based on energy meridians. Auriculotherapy raises the endorphins and enkephalins, the natural pain relievers within our bodies. By raising these chemicals within, we are able to better control and combat chronic pain, migraine headaches, insomnia, addictions, depression, anxiety, weight management, acne and STRESS.


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