I remember the day as if it were yesterday;  and I suppose in the non-lineal time frame of mind, it was.  It was taken by my daughter, Riley. We were visiting Vida Asana in Playa Hermosa, CR.  I was still healing from a broken heart and putting my world back together from a bazillion broken pieces.

This asana, or pose, is called Extended Hand to Big Toe pose or in Sanskrit it is called Utthita Hasta Padangustasana. From a standing pose, find balance.  Bring the knee towards the belly, the arm reaches for the big toe (also known as the Great Toe) and extend the leg to your level of comfort.

For me, this pose represents the building approach for strength confidence and body awareness.  The stance, the benefits and the opportunity for balance of the physical,the electrical connection and the gaze all aligned and in sync.  The gentle engagement and strengthening of the legs, ankles, hips and arms while balancing within the realm of wind and settling terrain.  The sun-gazing benefits of heliotherapy, grounding with the elements and the salt, magnesium negative ion air providing the bounty of natures nutrition.  Freedom. Strength. Clarity.  Leveling.

variation of padangusthasana

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose