12 levels / dimensions: increasing by order of magnitude small to large

1D – Consciousness/ Light / experience / proton Photon particle theory / superstring / time / single cell copied itself and became 2 cells or
2D – space – time continuum / interpret/ differentiation (yin-yang) universal opposites / awareness front of mind back of mind / subconscious/ analogue (2 polarities) / illusion / electron/ interpretation/ becomes reality / something inside of something / something and a copy of something.
3D – space – time – gravity / events/ neutron/
height width depth past present future memory emotion imagination protons electrons / mirror seeing and experiencing reflections of our self. identity. a complex folding mirror. space-time continuum. unified field theory. events become reality | dark piece of reality are based on interpretation of an interpretation. it’s not how reality is it is how it looks and appears. unconscious.
4D – many lifetimes/ possibility/ many worlds/ many realities/ earth, dark alien, spirit, pleaides / outcomes simultaneous in different realities / dream world / shape shifting / many possibilities – time travel
5D – spirit world / many dimensions (left time) / choice manifests / pentagram
6D – creator / thought manifests / think it and it happens
7D – many creators / desire manifests / i dont have to think or choose… wanting it is enough
7 chakras.. desire combines with each. love based not fear based:
7 desire
6 thought
5 choice (sub or unconscious)
4 possibility
3 events
2 interpret
1 experience
8D – many universes / many versions of itself / multi verse
9D – All That Is / everything that exists / for it to be it had to be possible
10D – The Impossible Becomes Possible
11D – Beyond possibility / possibility no longer applies or is a constraint
12D – Prime Creator
13D – Many Prime Creators / infinite dimensions & realities