It is a massive relief to truly know with great certainty that we are not alone in these extremely distressing, troubled, anxiously uncertain and terrified times. This is even more vital when we as a nation, race, culture and media landscape allow fear to become the predominant, prevailing and primal force propelling us forwards to even greater disintegration.
This is exactly what the evil-doers wish to achieve, and in allowing them to achieve this, we hand the tyrants the spoils of victory. What a tragedy! It is no accident that the horrific terrorist assassinations and attacks in Paris took place on Friday 13th. This belies and reinforces tyranny’s principle to incite and drive pure fear and terror deep into the hearts of all law abiding citizens in the world, be they man, woman, or child.
This is beyond a shadow of doubt a war of civilization that for better or worse, this generation has been charged with. Yet it is not a war that can be fought in any traditional way, any more than it can ever be “won”. The terrorist planners are highly tech-savvy combined with ruthlessly violent — we see this as time goes on and the evil acts committed gradually become more heinous, shocking, and outrageous spectacles for the media to engorge and then blitz us with a frenzy of factoids, mixed with speculation, conjecture and hearsay, sprinkled with an occasional glimpse of intelligence, like putting out a fire by chucking gasoline over it. This is text-book terrorism — not to mention sociology — and exactly how they want us as a homogeneous entity to respond, by rendering us impotent, incapable to act in a meaningful and unequivocal way revealing our nation’s disunity it’s stresses and tensions and dividing us even more deeply.
Yet what is most heartening, encouraging and moving is the huge outpouring of prayers and sympathy, empathy and anger by legitimate worldwide protest marches with human rights at stake, the candles and vigils from all corners of the world, that invariably and distantly echoes the evil deeds. Investing a counter-balance they reset and realign the moral compass with the earth’s energetic field. Furthermore the correction can potentially integrate and combine two previously opposing energetic forces.
updated: June 2020
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