I have come very far despite the occasional setbacks. broken pieces, strep flu, loss and grief, death, divorce blah blah blah… sometimes i chose to allow it to infiltrate with the default but more often than not… i am one fierce-ass-smart-kind-loving very fucking sexy woman with her head & heart in all the right places… dealing with the occasional proverbial ‘orange cone detour’ results in more lessons for me to choose growth… gotta take the good with the bad. i’m learning because i choose to know. my past was a misalignment for my soul. no need to attempt to live there any more… reiki, yoga, meditation, massage and loving kindness allows me to correct and reaffirm my virtues for my future karma.. i am lucky. have a great Friday. Truly find peace and just breathe in the air around you and observe the simplicity without defaulting to prey mode …replace it with pray mode. ❌⭕️✌?️❤️?