this full moon is so beautiful it almost makes me forget what a totally shitty week it could have been had i chosen for that to be my dominant energy BUT it wasnt!!! My dominant energy (although  challenged) stayed deeply rooted and planted like a big ole Pando Tree…
i mean just yesterday bending over was not happenin’ ? and a little midnight-moon dust magic and today I taught a yoga class walked the beach visited with momma cleaned house among other things and ended the evening with friends, a little writing and some moon gazing with my favorite person in the universe, my girl poogs. Grateful self hypnosis brought me to that place of clarity; centered in that still point of well being.
Lets face it though, for highly sensitive people, this has been quite the ?mercury retrograde ?super moon ?blood moon ?lunar eclipse ?hasn’t it!?!?!
Yesterday i meditated like a crazed woman focusing on symptoms, realized it and re-focused vibrating at the frequency of healed and thriving kinda showing the universe I’m fierce like a BOSS during a retrograde.
i got my list together of what I am dumping  into this spectacular full moon energy tunnel. I am releasing all past, present & future limiting Karma. I do not need you to stick around like energetic velcro… I got this GoODbye✌❤✌
then i’ll probably say a few niceties… i am blessed, i am grateful,
i am kind, i am brave, i am sah-mart, i am fun, i am divine & perfect health , i am courage, i am strength, i am flexible, i am energy, i am love, I am etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
when I was at the beach today breathing in the warm salty sea air i prayed for the entire world to have spiritual maturity and to spread loving kindness. I believe. why not. The Mind  Is Powerful. I mean look at me!!
How’d I do it… last night I commanded  my conscious, sub-conscious & unconscious mind… ‘I need my body to fill itself with the light of God and all the energy of the universe’ and then I said… ‘i tell my brain to tell my body to heal my ‘coccyx’ or ‘neck’ or ‘knee’ or ‘brain’
and i repeated this several times. (Thank you Jonathan!!)
and breathe in and breathe out..
Breath awareness (alters the mental static dna imprint) to cause an alternate result…. one that I choose.
Stay grounded in positive energy… peace