I was chatting with a buddy who embraced yoga ONCE.
His attitude back then was ‘pfffff …if she can do it, I can do it’ and just like that his ego got an ass whooping.  I giggled and envisioned him shuddering in black & white like a cartoon character recovering from the evil, cruel anvil tossing villain with a smack dab splat onto their crown chakra… I laugh when hearing this and its pretty often. After an ego humiliation why on earth would anyone dare try it again… results… look around. And if for no other reason yoga people are fierce then go  breathe in that energy!
I remember my first yoga class… I had to stand to pee for a damn week!!! It wasn’t until I got real straight with myself and  said, “well duh… everyone sees evidence at a gym – there are 1 lb. weights and then there are gazillion lb. weights.”
One does not start out by going to the max… unless one’s EGO is the dominant vibration. Mine wasn’t: I was in pain, lots of pain. I simply had to dial down the ego with what I wanted: connect to higher self, to be in my now moment pain and all and allow the truth with clear detached focused mind, set intention while clear headed, then place within the sphere that with which is desired all while maintaining grace on the life purpose pathway.  Start out with small weight working diligently in the weight ascension process allows for descending weight on a scale, bonus just by doing your self love part. it is the same with yoga…  gentle movement.. and it is within the gentleness of a simple twist that I stretch, reach, compress and ultimately heal and repair organs, and in my case vertebral disc herniated cellulars and I’m just on my back… looking like ain’t a dag blasted thang happening by a passerby and I am in my now in my truth, without judgement haste or gloating, with a look at me “oh wait… time for a selfie…” Nope I’m just detoxing and ascending!  Now when all the aches and pains from accidents aren’t flaring, and my higher self says sure… you go do that headstand… I pause… ego says everyone else can … my truth says of course, but perhaps right now, allow healing to transmute. Stillness.