As long as I can recall breathing, I remember my momma’s walking… every day, rain or shine, head-wrapped and practically running out the door to escape home… I didn’t know then what I know now. That said she walked every single day no matter where she was, sometimes twice a day. It was her gym of choice. Today I watched her bent over her diaphragm trying to shut down and yet still giddy about the possibility of extending her life… mind you there was a lot of “I cayunt’s” slinging across the room in a nearly inaudible sound, as I read her lips in her desperation yet she still fiercely with great conviction and no judgement does every single resistive band exercise – all while sporting very flashy 2-lb anklets on each if her legs… I ask her if these were jail issued… she either smiled or grimaced but she showed me and her therapist what fierce really is… nearing 90 she is still by far my best teacher – ever!

Eye jus’ luv my deer sweeeeet anxious tender gentle soft yet fierce southern mommah. Thank you momma. You are my heart.
Ayun – southern for Anne