First trip to Costa Rica the intention was not set, other than to heal from head to toe. So I immediately came back and hired a neurologist and an ob/gyn… I got checked Up and Down.
This trip to Costa Rica I arrived a different person having healed almost all of the patterned pains, so the intent was to complete the healing with acceptance and grace and ask for my heart and my head to align thanks to a very kind beautiful soul.
Something happened, I accepted, let go, and watched it wash away in a beautiful waterfall. I did not capture the moment with a photo – rather simply absorbed the brilliant now moment. A heart opener a gentle loving kind punch cracked me open with rapture. The reggae surfer and his elegant, beautiful girlfriend helped to open my 3rd eye with greater vision. A loving healer also helped, gently giggling and guiding the way to my truth, my soul. I sat in a hammock in near silence an entire day!!! That was the adventure I needed. The stillness of nothingness, allowing with grace. Hammocks at Vida Asana maintained with love by Socrates! Just swinging in it made me feel smarter! Sean and his amazingly twisted way of thinking revealed what a true gem he is through his core soul. His gorgeous wife Jess and baby JuJu exemplify the crave most seek… pureness kindness and happiness. And then there is Pedro: the radiant light illuminating with his love as he chops, cuts, garnishes, blends and purees his loving-kindness, altering the organic local vegan cuisine into a smorgasbord with a plethora of choices each infused over and over with his seemingly slither-like movements – very tantric, very beautiful, very intuitive. Mel my soul roommate and friend. To all the souls among us, we healed, we laughed and cried and boy did we scream in that Temescal… or what? Juliana our host teacher fierce amazing & pure love.  I departed with self love connection from others that walk and talk with all that is love.  I’ll still go to my neurologist simply ‘cuz I enjoy his Accent and my ob ‘cuz I like to write little jokes in sharpie for his amusement…he is Halal so I write it backwards… I like to keep things kosher or all ‘tightened up’ (Calvin reference for school peeps).

~: Costa Rica; July 2015 :~
sticks and stones

Temascal trophies