My momma lacks for nothing, yet cognitively sometimes she is stuck in the negative pete repeat peat mode like a scratched album going all the way back to the beginning; or like shoots n’ ladders… ya get her almost redirected into the now and bam! …just like that …she sliiiides down without the pro-verbial ‘weeeee’.

The stories have varied these past 5 years. Lately she has been asking for then immediately refusing a haircut… ‘Look at this hair!!’ Followed by ‘I can’t’ .. which is alz for I won’t so do not make me… stern momma face… more aware than a year ago yet fearful of change to the point of frozen. Helping an elderly Alzheimer’s riddled bordering agoraphobia parent at times is akin to searching for a haystack without pine needles… in NYC on a Tuesday wearing a breathable Chicken Suit. Id order that on eBay! Ya just kinda gotta learn to laugh.  Today we laughed… because an angel made an ALF Call (assisted living facility) last nite…

Shearing, forming and shaping the continuous priceless beauty she IS – A HOUSE CALL Angel… momma didn’t have to leave her apartment, she didn’t even have to move! She feels beautiful again. Karen talked with, engaged with, loved and laughed with momma too…. She looks and feels free, light and beautiful.  Karen, the angel of style, hair style. Miracles occur. Thank you GOD for Karen Roberts… an earth angel.