It takes great strength to proceed with ones life purpose… I know because I AM doing it. I gave up on commercial real estate after 28 years and to raise my daughter. After a divorce I found myself unemployed, uneducated, uninsured and borderline destitute as my 90 year old mother’s care needs went from being a bit independent – taking her to Doctor’s visits and handling her affairs, to her requiring 24-hour help.

So, deciding to give a proverbial middle finger to the career that I REALLY enjoyed and surely would pay bills for what would now appear to be my path my calling my Dharma. Oh God please grant me the serenity to accept that everyone has a unique emotional fingerprint and learn to laugh at all of the ridiculous excuses of why they can’t be in class today or how they are so exhausted from poor preparation…. to the moans of oys & veys from the moms as broken down as I once was… Please God remove my judgement as I lay here scared GOD. Scared as a single mom caring for a beloved mother to the best of my ability which is always at a bazillion %.  Yes God please know that as I ask for help I include a desperate plea for the healing of all people. Raise us all up to care and I mean really, really care about one another. Thank you God. Thank you for Everything!