Today was the day I had procrastinated long enough, endoscopy day. Colonoscopy is next. I waited far too long to find the root cause of this nausea and vomiting issue I’ve been suffering with for quite some time. I had to do my part first. I cut out flour, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, sodas, TV, negative relationships and sarcasm. I sure do miss bread! Hence the name of the blog…. After doing my part, the weight came off, about 50 pounds, and that noise in my head went away, most of it… I gained a new sense of self, learned how to eat properly for me, nobody’s gonna learn to do that for no-one else… its a self thang. Stepping away from TV was by far the best choice I ever made. Now I get all my news from my comedian friends on social networks. Its about 99.9% authentic with a cool twist on reality and I no longer play watch the nose grow with Brian Williams on NBC. Still with all the changes, the nausea continued. OK it was time to go further and entrust the medical professional. I found the doctor… that wasn’t the challenge… the real question was… who is my person? Who is to be called in case of an emergency? This question seemed easy enough to answer when I was married or when I was a child…but now as an adult, the mother of a 12 year old daughter and daughter to a 90 year old. Both dependent on me. Yet who was my person? My ex? I mostly took car services when I was married. My 12 year old? Uh, she may think she can drive… My 90 year old mother?
Friends. Thank you GOD for friends. All of them. But it does make you pause and think and feel and reflect on who your person is when you look outside of yourself. I know I am my own person and I have learned to do everything that I have learned that I didn’t know before. But I do not know it all, I’m cool with that too. What I don’t know I don’t know until I know it and once I know it then I’ve got it, but there are things I simply do not know (yet). I have learned it is ok and safe to depend, rely and count on others in life. Like how we count on each of us to be present while we drive instead of texting. We are all in this together ultimately whether we like it or not so I choose to not only like it but to indulge into it with arms wide open embracing all seasons, all storms in full faith.
Also to prepare, I performed a generalized Pranic sweeping to clear my body, mind, spirit, aura and all energy centers. It is the least I can so I follow the practices below:

1. It is a healthy practice to go to the beach. Sea water has a cleansing effect on the energy body. (I take a salt water bath as often as possible also)

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of life energy, which is needed by our body. (I oscillate in my process of becoming a vegetarian, its challenging)

3. Exercising has a cleansing effect – physically and ethereally. Physically, waste matter and toxins are eliminated through sweating. Ethereally, the chakras, the meridians, and all the organs are cleansed of used-up and diseased energy. Rejuvenated blood and pranic energy circulations are greatly improved. (Yoga clears my mind and my body, ain’t nothing better than a Yoga High!)

4. The act of forgiving is therapeutic and is necessary for one’s health. (Visualizing those that have hurt you allows awareness. Acknowledge and feel the betrayal. Then light as a feather, allow the forgiveness to envelop and release into the warm soft breeze redistributing the reclaimed energy for God’s will.

5. Negative Karma can be neutralized: By learning the lesson that has to be learned, by using the Law of Forgiveness, and by using the Law of Mercy. (The law of Forgiveness beats the heck out of popping what seems an endless supply of Xanax. Neutralize organically with authenticity … Thats how the Supreme hears through the vibration of loving kindness!)

6. The lifestyle of a person is an important health factor. Smoking cigarettes and cigars, drinking alcohol, prescription and non prescription drugs, excessive work and/or fun are to be avoided. Strive for balance!

7. Positive emotions and thoughts such as happiness, kindness, joy, enthusiasm, and others tend to have beneficial effects psychologically, ethereally and physically. (Everyone has time to smile AND it is FREE!!)