When you’re living with social anxiety you’ve already lived out an entire day before the day even starts!

I know because I have struggled with anxiety, social anxiety and depression on and off, off and on for most of my life. I’ve tried medicine, I’ve tried organics… but find the only relief comes in the form of helping others energetically. I have learned to retain 20% healing energy for myself. Thats likely 19.9999% more than what I was choosing to allow before. I’m grateful for this valuable lesson as I continue to build my Dharma toolbox. It’s even pretty cool to feel that ‘Discount Scrubs’ in Margate, FL. may be my go to place for healer wear. It seems to suit me far better than any of the Lulu’s, Tory’s or Louis V’s that I chose not to purchase when the illusion of monetary resources floated around like congestion to my soul.
Time for anatomy physiology and massage clinic.
#gridunlocked #nowness