1. Your body is a precious gift given in your care by God to keep healthy so that you can better serve Him.

2. God does not intend for you to be sick and your body can heal itself of all illness if you give it a chance.

3. Be willing to accept responsibility for your illness and change unhealthy habits for health.

4. Attack the causes of your illness instead of treating the symptom.

5. There has never been a drug that has cured anything, they only relieve the symptom.

6. The three causes of most all illnesses are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

7. Almost all illness and death begin in our intestinal tract.

8. The stomach has no teeth so chew your food to mush before swallowing.

9. Remember the rainbow in order to eat a well balanced meal with lots of color from vegetables.

10. You are what your parents ate and your children will be what you eat, so eat healthy.

11.Drink at least one 8 ounce glass of purified water every hour between meals but do not drink with meals.

12. Stand and walk more than you sit throughout the day.

13. Smile.