After sun-gazing over the parkland farmers market setup this morning, i returned home to stretch, read & hopefully write as I contemplated about all the space that i have created by the emotional removal of people, places, things, thoughts, emotions & attachments that simply no longer serve my NOW along my path, my service to humanity. How loving from a distance is liberating, freeing and best of all unconditional. It is like indulging in a delightfully fluffy slice of cheesecake with an undetectable gluten free crust while sitting in comfy PJ’s.

Love flows with such ease. Yes the space is so comforting to locate & create. Gratitude.

When a dear soul family sister informed me she was not feeling well at all. I REALLY needed to… and reminded to stand in constant gratitude for the blessings and ability to send a Reiki Pranic energy healing, which still baffles the heck outta me.  Saint Francis And I will eventually giggle how It is not for me to be understood or understand apparently. Where the phrase ‘Analysis paralysis’ is a ‘should’ type of word and has no place in my space.
Why I am always coming back around again and again to ACCEPTANCE. I have stopped asking… why, why me, what is it… and acknowledged it is something far beyond me, Anne – naw, Anne is just a name, a combination of letters rearranged to form an identification label for other people’s purposes. The old souls that selected me, this anne, in the right NOW .. clearly have a sense of humor, I suppose that may be one of the reasons they selected me.
I am immensely grateful to have chosen to accept that the gaping space has been filled with purity of heart, soul and Dharma.
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