In researching the meaning of Law of Facilitation for massage school, I learned its the path of least resistance for a nerve impulse. Ill be damned. We have bully’s and victims as nerves?!?? Well that made me giggle. Even some of my nerves might need to be reprogrammed from the old ways of yesteryear of how I used to do and act and move too! No way! well its true. It takes 30 days to reprogram a pattern for it to take root. That means the feeling, thought, occurrence, the action, the body, the mind, the spirit, the muscles bones, thoughts feelings what I see, hear, speak and do AND all of my nerves must work in complete and total Unison. That is phenomenally challenging IF I did not walk in full faith. I mean, don’t get me wrong… in addition to doing my part like studying my proverbial butt off and staying focused on the goal, I can see where this transmutation of my awakening self-realization utilizing the Akashic Records, continue to propel me towards more light, greater hope and the realization that absolutely every single solitary thought has already been thought. I just have to access the merit earned rewards of an illustrious file cabinet containing everything I could possibly ever need, want or desire to know is right inside of me waiting for my blonde headed ego to simply sashay out ‘da way and Humbly without expectation and likely in stillness ASK God.

Dedicated to Amy S.