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Costa Rica

I remember the day as if it were yesterday;  and I suppose in the non-lineal time frame of mind, it was.  It was taken by my daughter, Riley. We were visiting Vida Asana in Playa Hermosa, CR.  I was still healing from a broken heart and putting my world back together from a bazillion broken pieces.

This asana, or pose, is called Extended Hand to Big Toe pose or in Sanskrit it is called Utthita Hasta Padangustasana. From a standing pose, find balance.  Bring the knee towards the belly, the arm reaches for the big toe (also known as the Great Toe) and extend the leg to your level of comfort.

For me, this pose represents the building approach for strength confidence and body awareness.  The stance, the benefits and the opportunity for balance of the physical,the electrical connection and the gaze all aligned and in sync.  The gentle engagement and strengthening of the legs, ankles, hips and arms while balancing within the realm of wind and settling terrain.  The sun-gazing benefits of heliotherapy, grounding with the elements and the salt, magnesium negative ion air providing the bounty of natures nutrition.  Freedom. Strength. Clarity.  Leveling.

variation of padangusthasana

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

12 Levels or Dimensions Increasing by Order of Magnitude

12 levels / dimensions: increasing by order of magnitude small to large

1D – Consciousness/ Light / experience / proton Photon particle theory / superstring / time / single cell copied itself and became 2 cells or
2D – space – time continuum / interpret/ differentiation (yin-yang) universal opposites / awareness front of mind back of mind / subconscious/ analogue (2 polarities) / illusion / electron/ interpretation/ becomes reality / something inside of something / something and a copy of something.
3D – space – time – gravity / events/ neutron/
height width depth past present future memory emotion imagination protons electrons / mirror seeing and experiencing reflections of our self. identity. a complex folding mirror. space-time continuum. unified field theory. events become reality | dark piece of reality are based on interpretation of an interpretation. it’s not how reality is it is how it looks and appears. unconscious.
4D – many lifetimes/ possibility/ many worlds/ many realities/ earth, dark alien, spirit, pleaides / outcomes simultaneous in different realities / dream world / shape shifting / many possibilities – time travel
5D – spirit world / many dimensions (left time) / choice manifests / pentagram
6D – creator / thought manifests / think it and it happens
7D – many creators / desire manifests / i dont have to think or choose… wanting it is enough
7 chakras.. desire combines with each. love based not fear based:
7 desire
6 thought
5 choice (sub or unconscious)
4 possibility
3 events
2 interpret
1 experience
8D – many universes / many versions of itself / multi verse
9D – All That Is / everything that exists / for it to be it had to be possible
10D – The Impossible Becomes Possible
11D – Beyond possibility / possibility no longer applies or is a constraint
12D – Prime Creator
13D – Many Prime Creators / infinite dimensions & realities


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